Such an awesome teacher with great interaction with the whole class! We learned so much and so many ways to accomplish things, its been a true pleasure.
— Angela L.
Thank you for providing such an incredible environment for puppy learning!
— James C.
Thank you so much for transforming our lives! You are truly a miracle worker.
— Sharon M.
We are in LOVE with Teddy! Thanks for helping us get such a great start.
— Joyce R.
Thank you again for your time yesterday. I learned a lot and am trying to put all the lessons into practice. Your patience and optimism makes it easier to see a happy result.
— Toni M.
Thank you for all the advice on how to handle the opening days with our pup. We are so looking forward to welcoming her home next Thursday. Thank you for putting my mind at ease!
— Sonia G.
Thank you so much for all of your help and tips on how to train our dogs as well as us humans! Though I did not think that I really needed this class, I found it very enlightening and helpful and would recommend it to others. I have learned some very valuable tips for both me and the dog. Thank you so much for all of your patience with the dogs and their owners!
— Carolyn E.
Thank you so much for this class! You are a wonderful teacher with lots of insight and clear directions. Its helped us to bond even more (if that was even possible!) with Sully and each other.
— Kalika
Things are going great, we couldn’t be happier! Holly, I really can’t thank you enough for all your help. The change in our dog alone is gratifying but the change in our son’s relationship with her is priceless. I know he loves her, but now that she is responding to him, it’s just that much more. It’s really great for all of us!
— Sandy B.