Puppy Training

Getting a new puppy is exciting!  But for many families it can also be overwhelming.  Especially if you have little to no experience raising and training a puppy.  Let a professional get you and your pup off on the right paw.  With professional guidance on socialization, manners and behavior training your newest family member is sure to get the best start possible.

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Pre-puppy consult

If you've never raised a puppy before, or if its been awhile since you did, a pre-puppy consult is for you! This 2 hour session is held BEFORE you get your dog. In the session we cover all the key aspects of starting off a new puppy including equipment needed, how to handle the first few days at home, recommended resources for when you have questions, the tricks to short and successful housetraining and feeding a young pup.  In addition, we'll review how and where you will keep your pup once you get it home based on your living space and the rhythm of your family. If you have not yet selected a puppy we can help you understand what breeds might be right for you and what to look for when choosing a dog.  This consult is 90 minutes and costs $150.

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"Do it yourself" puppy package

Have the time and the inclination to teach your puppy what it needs to know about chewing, biting, jumping and housetraining but want a resource to guide you on the best and most effective methods?  We can build a custom package of puppy training support, meeting once weekly for 4 weeks to coach you through the critical early days to ensure a lifetime of happiness with your new best friend. $390 for a one hour lesson per week for 4 weeks. Must be paid in full in advance.

Thank you so much for transforming our lives! You are truly a miracle worker.
— Sharon M.

puppy charm school

Many busy families benefit from having a professional trainer get the basics going with a new pup.  With the 4 week Puppy Charm School, we come to your home three times a week to train the basics and then each week we meet for one session to transfer the specifics of maintaining and furthering the behaviors to you. After the 4 week program is completed the package includes 2 follow up sessions at whatever interval makes sense.  The 18 sessions are $1,400.  For puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months.