Private lessons

Our private lessons program uniquely focuses on the dynamic between you and your dog. You'll learn about how that dynamic impacts your dog's behavior. Private training is delivered as a customized training plan in which you will gain the skills and knowledge required to get the best results.

Private lessons focus on:

  • Basic obe­di­ence: Sit, stay, walk on leash, come when called, and leave it

  • Man­ners: Polite greet­ings

  • Problem behaviors like dig­ging and barking

  • Attention skills: Teach­ing your dog to focus when distracted

All new clients begin with an Initial Training Consult which lasts 90 minutes and costs $195.  All subsequent lessons are $95 per one hour session.

I wanted to tell you how wonderful your brief bit of training was for Jessie. She has just turned into a different dog. She is nice on the leash, she is a more tractable dog, more happy and affectionate. I just wanted to let you know how very helpful your training was.
— Nancy N.