Reality Check

I've been getting a lot of calls lately in which people seem genuinely surprised that their dog is doing dog stuff. Especially puppies or young dogs.  They are PUPPIES!  You can wish they weren't all you want but its not going to change things.  They just are. But what is particularly distressing to me is when people seem to completely disregard the dog's quality of life and how it figures into the equation. 

Here is the deal: dogs need to have their needs met too. This is it, people. This is the life your dog gets. The one you make for him or her. And when it involves nothing more than hours of isolation with an occasional pat or walk, especially for a dog under two, it is sad. Dogs evolved to be WITH us. They want "their people", they want a life. They can certainly handle some time alone, and we do a disservice to our dogs when we don't teach them how to be alone, but they NEED more than 5 minutes of your attention on the weekends. Please don't get a dog as an alarm system (a real alarm works better!), a status symbol (get an Apple watch!), because you think your kids "should have" one (offer to take care of a friend's dog for a week and see how much your kids actually interact with the dog) or as an impulse purchase (a lifespan of 15 years doesn't go well with impulses!) The dogs deserve better.