An ounce of prevention -- teaching life skills to puppies

I've been getting a lot of calls lately from people with new puppies.  I really enjoy helping people get their puppy off on the right paw!  Getting some personalized help with raising a puppy from the get-go can be a literal lifesaver, especially for people with limited puppy raising experience or people who haven't had a puppy in years and have forgotten what it takes. There is a maxim in dog training:  First learned, best learned. That means that teaching our puppies from a very early age so that they develop desirable habits creates a pattern that pays off for life. Dr. Lore Haug, one of just a handful of Veterinary Behaviorists in the country, has a very simple handout that categorizes the critical life skill areas EVERY puppy should learn and describes briefly what she believes the lessons should be within five main categories: Socialization, Leadership, Mouthing, Handling, and Possessions. Here is a link to her helpful handout.