A new look for a new focus

Welcome to the new blog and web site for Optimist Dog Training.  I hope you like it!  This update was inspired by a new focus in my training business.  Since 2008 I've offered group classes in addition to private training. Group classes are a lot of fun and I truly enjoy teaching them. They are affordable, low risk and certainly better than nothing! Over the years, however, I've seen first hand the difference in outcomes between private lessons and classes. Nothing beats one-on-one training that is designed and delivered to you with you, your dog, your home environment and your individual goals in mind. This reality was really driven home over the past year as I've been working with my own new puppy. He is unlike any other dog I've ever trained and has left several other prominent trainers baffled. Many things that typically work in training have simply not worked well with him and so I've had to adapt and do things differently -- in some cases developing new techniques and exercises that, in his case, simply seemed to work better.

Since my commitment is to help people be more successful in reaching their goals with their pet dogs, I've decided to phase out group classes at the end of the year and focus solely on personalized private training. Spread the word to friends and neighbors that need a little help with their dogs!