The importance of goals

Setting training goals is critical.  In an individual training session, its important to have a plan and to have an end goal you are working towards. Perhaps its training a tiny slice of a larger behavior or it may be simple and brief, such as getting 10 sits and in a one minute "flash session" with a goal of getting each successive sit to be offered faster or straighter or some other small criteria. Its this ability to define and execute on goals that often distinguishes training pros from the typical owner. There are also bigger, more long term goals that drive you towards something. In dog training, those big picture goals can take many forms ranging from learning a certain dog sport to training a reliable recall so that your dog can hike with you off leash. Whatever the goal, its a great feeling when you and your dog get there! Diesel recently received his AKC Canine Good Citizen title. He is a quirky guy to train so I was especially pleased to reach this goal.  One goal down, dozens to go!